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Snacks & Savouries

Bread balls

Bread Sandwich

Chilli Bread

dahI AlU

dahI AlU pApDi cAT

Diamond biscuits

dIpAvaLi Mixture

Kai MuRukku



KOla VaDai

MuLLu tEnkuzhal/Muttusaram/ManOharam

MUSu uruNDai



RAdhA Vallabhi

Ribbon PakkODA

Suji (ravA/Semolina) CIDai





Black eyed beans (KArAmaNi) sweet suNDal

Kabuli ChanA (White chick peas) KoNDai kaDalai suNDal

PAsipparuppu (green gram/Mung dAl) suNDal





BadAm cake


BESan lADu

BUndi lADu

Cashewnut cake (KAjU katli)

Cherry fruit halwa


Coconut burfi

Coconut KalAkand

eLLu lADu

eLLuppoDi (Sweet), eLLukkozhukkaTTai

GulAb JAmun/MalAi JAmun

HalwA (Ashoka, carrot/gAjar, beetroot, pUshaNi, suraikkAi)

HalwA Contd. (BAdAm, Wheat/Tirunelveli)

HalwA Contd.1 (SOhan)




MaidA cake


Milk Bread Cake

Mysore Pak



Pal POLi

ParuppttEngAi varieties

Payattam (green gram dal) lADu


Pori uruNDai

PoTTukkaDalai mA lADu


PUri lADu

ravA (Semolina) lADu

Rice vellapputtu



Sevan cups cake

Sojji appam



Sweet KEsar PUri

Sweet Potato dish

Sweet SamOSA

tEngAi PUrNam KozhukkaTTai (MOdakam)



Puri & Alu Dum (2)

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(Contd. from last posting)

3. DAl PUri

To serve 3 Preparation time 30 minutes Shelf life 2 days

This is also known as RAdhAballabhi in Bengal which is nothing but a flat Kachauri!

Make thick dough with 1 cup of maidhA, a little salt and 2 tbs of ghI or oil. Divide into balls.

For filling:

½ cup Black gram (uLundhu or urud dAl), soaked in water for 4 to 5 hours

½ tsp salt

½ tsp chilli powder

¼ tsp fennel (aniseed)

¼ tsp cumin seeds

¼ coriander seeds

Grind the soaked dAl into coarse paste with the above and fry in a little oil+ghI over a pan till the contents become deep brown in colour releasing fine aroma. Allow it to cool. Now, take a ball of the dough and roll into size of normal pUri. Place 1 ½ to 2 tsp filling and re-roll exactly as you do for stuffed parAttA. Remember not to apply pressure while rolling in order to prevent the filling from popping out while rolling or frying.  Deep fry in oil+ghI in a kadAi.

For side dish:

1 cup of Bengal gram (chanA) dAl is to be soaked for 30 minutes in water.

Pressure cook this soaked dAl and take out. Take 2 cups of water in a kadAi and add this dAl with a tablespoon sugar, ¼ tsp turmeric powder, ½ tsp garam masAlA powder and a green chilli cut length wise. Boil till the dAl becomes semi solid. Remove from fire and serve with the above.

4. Sweet KEsar PUri

To serve 3 Preparation time 30 minutes Shelf life 2 to 3 days

Prepare dough with 11/2 a cup of maidhA as above. Add kEsar yellow colour after dissolving it in a tsp water since colour powders directly added will not spread uniformly. Make small pUris as shown in the picture and deep fry. Dip them in sugar syrup described below for 15 minutes and take out. After these cool and dry, store. To have better taste, add 1 tbs ghI to the oil for frying.

Take ½ a cup of sugar in a kadAi and add ½ of water. Boil well till the syrup becomes too thick (about 2 string consistency). If you take a drop of this syrup between your thumb and index finger and separate them there should be an unbroken string. Remove it from fire and add ½ tsp of cardamom powder.

5. Pal POLi

This is nothing but maidhA pUri fried in ghI+oil soaked in thick boiled milk mixed with sugar as per taste and saffron dissolved in a little milk before adding if colour is not added. If yellow colour is added after dissolving a little milk, then you need not add saffron but cardamom powder. Remember not to soak the pUri too long together as they may stick together and form a paste. Soak a pUri at a time for 2 minutes and take out before soaking the next one. Storing needs tact not to allow the soaked pUris to stick to each.


Never fry anything directly in pure ghI but add some oil to it as it may release an awful smell when heated for frying continuously.

Today’s special Tips

1. In the case of pUri, add ¼ tsp of sugar as well as a tsp sUji for a cup of AttA and knead to enable them to retain their puffed form for some time. At the same time pUris are also crispy.

2. Simply add a pinch of sugar along with skinned cardamoms while grinding. You get a nice powder. This is true in the case of other items too where too little a quantity may not grind well. You can add sugar or salt as the case may be and then grind. Remember to reduce that much quantity of sugar or salt in the whole preparation. The skin of cardamom need not be thrown away but can be boiled with tea dust to give some aroma to the tea.

3. To clean off the sticky marks of the labels and stickers try using a bit of cooking oil on a soft cloth and then rubbing it. After this simply wipe off or wash clean. The mark would have vanished.

4. Never use the same ladles and spoons used already for another item as they may spoil the other item. Use fresh ladle, spoon, utensil etc for each item. Never keep the used ladle and spoon on the cooking platform as they may come in contact with dust or dirt. Instead rest them on a special tray available or just in a small vessel filled with water and use again after washing.

5. Wash the knife, grater, slicer, mixi jars, grinder etc immediately and thoroughly, wipe and dry as they not only get spoiled but also there is a chance for insect breeding or attraction of insects to the remnants. Knife used for chopping onions or garlic transfer the smell to other items if unwashed. If you used them for cutting plantain, brinjal etc., other vegetables get blackened when cut by them.


I will be off for a couple of days!

Till then, bye!

Puri & Alu Dum

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There are many side dishes for pUris but nothing to beat the famous Alu dum, which has several variations. In this posting I will deal with my personal recipe for this and hope you like it!

 To serve: 3 Preparation time: 45 minutes   Shelf life:  2 days


For preparing pUris, you need to follow the same steps as you would for chapAtti except that the dough should be a bit stiffer and the discs rolled are smaller in size! For instance if you added in all ½ a cup of water from time to time to make dough for chapAtti the dough of which is very soft, for pUri the water should be reduced by 1 or 2 tablespoons only as to make the dough a bit harder. This is because, we need to smear more flour from time to time on both sides for rolling chapAtti to prevent it sticking to the board while rolling and to heat it on a griddle, whereas here we fry in oil directly and if you smear more flour for rolling, the excess flour will also get fried and settles down as a thick brown or black sediment. For pUri we smear very little flour as the dough is harder.

If you find it difficult to roll small discs, you can also roll a larger disc and cut out the smaller discs of required size by using a lid. 

 Alu Dum



Potato (medium)

Onion (medium)

Garlic cloves


Cumin seeds







½ inch

1 tsp

½ inch



Cardamom pod

Turmeric powder

Chilli powder



Refined oil

Bay leaf



½ tsp

1 tsp

1 tsp

to taste

3 tbs



Pressure cook potato, peel and keep aside. Grind onion, garlic, ginger and cumin seeds into paste. Roast cinnamon, clove and cardamom and powder. Sauté a little cumin seeds and bay leaves in oil and after the seeds splutter add the ground paste and sauté again for about 5 minutes or till the water in the paste is reduced. Cut the potato into medium sized cubes and add. Sauté for 5 minutes and add turmeric and chilli powders with salt. Sauté again for about 5 minutes and then add 1½ cups of water. When it boils add sugar. After it attains the consistency of gravy add the powdered masAla and allow boiling for 2 seconds. Remove from fire and serve hot.



1. In case you are using baby potato, you need not cut but add in full. If the size is larger to this, you can cut into halves.

2. If you want it hotter, you can add chilli powder a little more.

3. We can also add cauliflower florets with green peas but pure Alu dum has only potato.

Other PUris

These are used as snacks/savouries and are taken along with tea. They are also eaten without any side dish. These are not prepared from wheat flour but from maidhA or all purpose flour.  The pUris are a bit thicker and are not allowed to puff up but fry longer on both sides by turning the sides. For disallowing them to puff up, we prick the surface lightly with the edge of a knife. Unless they fry well they will not be crispy.

1. KAra PUri

Make dough by mixing required quantity of maidhA with salt to taste and a little chilli powder. Add 1 tablespoon oil more than what you add for chapAtti dough while making it. You can either add Bishop Weeds (Omam or ajwain) or Cumin seeds.  You can also use black pepper in coarse form. Make pUri out of this dough.


2. Nimkin (Salty PUri

Add salt and cumin seeds only to maidhA and prepare thick dough adding a little water and more oil. Here when you roll disc, make them small ones and smear oil or ghI, fold, re-roll like parAtta in triangular shape only. Prick the surface and fry well both sides.

 (To be continued)