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Recipes in alphabetical order (M to P)

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MaidA cake                                                                                  

MAngAi (aRucuvai) PaccaDi                                                                   

Mango chutney                                                                                           

MaSAl tOsai                                                                                                   

MasAlA KUTTu                                                                                          

Mushroom bajji   

Medu (Soft) BONDA                                                                                   


MiLagu (black pepper) rasam                                                                 

MiLagu (black pepper) sEvai                                                                  

MiLagu Kuzhambu                                                                                     

Milk Bread Cake                                                                            

Miscellaneous Recipes V (Musambi Rice, MA lADu)             

Miscellaneous Specials I (Lassi)                                                             

Miscellaneous Specials II (Juices, Milkshake, Flavoured Milk)                     

Miscellaneous Specials III (BAdAm Milk, Mango PannA, PAnakam, nIr mOre)                

Miscellaneous Specials IV (Fruits Salad, PancAmrutam, Ice Creams)                 

Miscellaneous Specials V (Mango & Rose Milk Ice Creams, Milk Cream)                  

Miscellaneous Specials VI (Jaggery & Golden Syrups, Chocolate, Vanilla & Orange Ice Creams)                 

Miscellaneous Specials VII (Banana, Bread Badam Malai and Jell’O Ice Creams)               

Miscellaneous Specials VIII (FalUdA, KESar Kulfi)               

MOre KUTTu                                                                                                     

MOre Kuzhambu (Paruppu uruNDai, PUNDu, Omam)                                


MuLLu tEnkuzhal                                                                          

Multigrain Specials (dOSA, iDli, Dumpling, cake & laDDu)

MUSu uruNDai (Recipes from leftovers)                    

Multiseeds grain VaDai, Multiseeds grain VaDai rice

Muttusaram (ManOharam or MuLLttEnkuzhal)                   

Mysore BONDA                                                                              

Mysore Pak                                                                                      

Mysore rasam                                                                                 









On rice

On wheat, dAl, tamarind and cooking oil                                                            

Onion (VengAyam) BAth                                                                     

Onion PaccaDi (RaitA)                                                                                

Onion tuvaiyal                                                                                                

Onion Uttappam                                                                                     

Orange skin PoDi                                                                                          




PAl PAyaSam                                                                                                    

Pal POLi                                                                                                               


Paruppu cum tomato rasam                                                                 

Paruppu PoDi                                                                                                  

ParuppttEngAi varieties                                                                            

Paruppu tuvaiyal                                                                                           

Paruppu uSili                                                                                             

Paruppu uSili (from leftovers)                                          

Paruppu usili from tenkuzhal                                            

PAsipparuppu (green gram/Mung dAl) suNDal                   

Payattam (green gram dal) lADu                                                                             

Pepper Garlic (MiLagu & PUNDu) rasam                                      




Plum tokku                                                                                    

Pongal (Sweet)                                                                                               

Poricca KUTTu (Normal & araittu viTTa varieties)

Pori uruNDai (KArttikai)                                                        

Potato (AlU) rice                                                                                           

Potato PaccaDi                                                                                  

PoTTal (Parval) curry                                                                             

PoTTukkaDalai mA lADu                                                                       

PuDachi VaDi (Bakar VaDi)                                                                      

Puddings and Cakes I (Caramel, Mixed Fruit Puddings)             

Puddings and Cakes II (Coconut Milk, Ribbon Puddings)                                

Puddings and Cakes III (Banana & Chocolate Bread Puddings)

Puddings and Cakes IV (ShAhi & Fruit Puddings) 

Puddings and Cakes V (Christmas Pudding)                                     

Puddings and Cakes VI (Christmas Plum Cake and Butter Cake)               

Puddings and Cakes VII (Chocolate and Ribbon Cakes)                                  

Puddings and Cakes VIII (American Sponge and Cherry Cakes)                                             

Puddings and Cakes IX (Vanilla cup and Tray Bake Cakes)             

PudinA (Mint leaves) chutney                                                             

PudinA (Mint leaves) rice                                                                 

PudinA chutney                                                                                             

PudinA tuvaiyal                                                                                              

PuLi inji                                                                                                         

PuLi sEvai                                                                                                                

PuLi uppumA                                                                                




PUNDu (Garlic) PoDi                                                                                                           

PUNDu (garlic) rasam                                                                                                         


PUraNpOLi  (Sweet & Salt from left overs)                  iii/


PUri lADu                                                                                                                               








Miscellaneous Specials III

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(Contd. from previous posting)

In this session we will discuss some special items that are also loved by many. BAdAm khIr (KhIr means pAyaSam) is one such item. If prepared properly, it is very tasty but many do not know how to prepare especially in marriage when they serve. It will be so thin like water without any taste except the smell of bAdAm flavour. You have to search milk in it! There are people who add cardamom, pachchai kalpUram or other essences to mar the original flavour of almonds!! Let us see how we need to prepare this.

BAdAm KhIr

To serve: 3 Preparation time: 30 minutes   



BAdAm (Almond)



Saffron Strands


*Charuli or SAraipparuppu


12 pcs

1 litre

½ cup

a few

1 tbs

1 tbs



*Charulipparuppu or Saraipparuppu as it is known in Thamizh, CharOli or ChirOnji in Hindi (Botanical name: ‘Buchanania Lanzan) is used in scented areca nuts, pAyaSams or in cakes, after fried in ghI. If pAyaSam is made from its paste adding milk, you should not take more as you feel giddy if consume more. For garnishing there is no problem.

Soak the bAdAm nuts in piping hot water for ½ an hour with closed lid. Peel the skin thereafter and grind the nuts into a slight coarse paste but not nicely. Now take milk in a thick bottomed vessel and add the almond paste. Heat it to boil and keep stirring constantly. When it starts thickening, add sugar gradually and stir. Never add sugar all at a time to milk when it is boiling or hot as it will curdle the milk.

BAdAm KhIr

Remove after the contents become thick and the entire sugar is dissolved. Now take a little milk separately and dissolve in it the saffron strands and add to the bAdAm khIr. Fry the piStA in ghI after breaking it into small pieces along with Charulipparuppu. Serve when chilled.

Green Mango PannA

Let summer arrive, all the north Indians prefer to drink this. This is also a delicious drink prepared from green mango. The preparation is very simple.

To serve: 3 Preparation time: 30 minutes   



Green Mango (Firm and raw)



Rock Salt/Common Salt

Pepper cum cumin powder or JaljIrA


3 medium

1 cup

4 cups

1 tsp

1 tsp



The mango for this to be not too sour or too bland but moderate. Wash and clean the mangoes and boil them in water till the green skin turn yellowish green. Put off the fire and allow to cool. Peel off the skin and collect the flesh only by squeezing manually. Place this in a blender, add sugar, salt and the jaljIrA powder. (Rock salt can replace the plain salt and pepper cumin powder can be used for jaljIrA if you like). Blend moderately so that the pulp bits are visible. Serve when chilled. Never add ice to any juice as it will dilute it and mar its original taste. Just chill.

Mango, Pulp and PannA


This a special item generally made on Ramanavami, New Year Day, navarAtri as well as on the day of Sumangali PrArtanai. It is very simple to make and digestive.


To serve: 3 Preparation time: 30 minutes   



Jaggery (Gur)


Dry ginger (SUnT) powder

Lemon juice

Cardamom powder


½ cup

1 ½ cups

½ tsp

½  tsp

½ tsp



Break jiggery into small pieces, put them in water and keep it aside for 10 to 15 minutes to dissolve.  Stir well and strain to remove the impurities. Add other ingredients and mix well. Serve as it is or chilled.

nIr mOre

Along with PAnakam, this is also prepared and especially in summer to quench the thirst. The water content should be more in the butter milk as otherwise it will not be tasty.

nIr mOre

To serve: 3 Preparation time: 30 minutes   



Butter milk (sour)



Green chilli

Coriander leaves

Curry leaves

Fresh mint leaves (optional)

Asafoetida powder

Mustard seeds

Refined oil


½ cup

3 cups

A small pc

1 (long)

2 tbs


5 to 6

¼ tsp

1 tsp

a little



Wash the coriander leaves (and mint leaves if included). Cut the green chilli with ginger and add. Grind these into fine paste. Add water to the butter milk with salt, asafoetida powder and lemon juice. Add the above paste to this and mix well. Season it with curry leaves and mustard after shredding curry leaves into small pieces. Serve when chilled. If need be, you can add a little cumin  and pepper powders too.

(To conclude)