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Before I start with the posting, let me tell you that it is always better to cultivate your own vegetables if you have enough space. Even if you do not have try to utilise some space as we have done using our balcony to plant chilli, tomato and greens (KIrais). These will be pure and sans chemical fertilizers. We have harvested greens [(Fenugreek leaves (VendayakkIrai) and MuLaikkIrai] and prepared poricca kUTTu from both these leaves (See images below)


Green Chillies, MuLaikkIrai/Tomatoes, MuLaikkIrai & VendayakkIrai (Fenugreek in bag)

                       Fenugreek leaves      

                        Poricca KUTTu

                                      MuLaikkIrai leaves


Last week someone gave me a lot of curry leaves as it was grown enough in their garden. I wanted to make tuvaiyal as well as store it as powder to be used with cooked rice. This time I tried a different version, a modification of old version posted under

Curry leaves powder (New version)


urad dAl (dehusked Black gram)   

Bengal gram dAl    

Curry leaves      

Red chillies (Medium)  



Refined oil   


1 tbs

1 tbs

1/2 cup


5 or 6

2 pinches

1 tsp

to taste


After cleaning and washing curry leaves dry them cold and once the moisture is out keep them aside. Take a wok and pour the oil. When it is hot, add the urad and gram dAls, chillies and garlic and sauté well. After urad dAl becomes golden add the curry leaves and sauté for another minute. Put off fire and let these cool. After these are not hot, grind them in a mixi/blender adding salt and asafoetida. When it is cool, bottle it airtight and refrigerate. Goes well with cooked rice and ghee with poricca kUTTu or roasted appaLam as side dish. To enhance you can add ¼ tsp black pepper to the ingredients for sautéing.

             Curry leaves powder

Green grapes roughage (Cakkai) tuvaiyal

My husband had purchased some big green seedless grapes in the hope they would be sweet but I found them to be sour and sweet as such we extracted juice. I found the remnants (aka chakkai) also to be quite sour as such I wanted to try to convert them into tuvaiyal. This resulted well as expected.


Fibrous remnants after extracting grape juice

Red chilli (Medium)        

Green chili (Medium)


Urad dAl           



250 gms



Small marble size

1 tbs   

1/4 tsp

to taste

* The roughage should be more sour and less sweet as otherwise we may have to increase tamarind quantity.

If you want only green chilli, you can replace the red chilli with that.

If the grapes have seeds, remove the seeds before extracting juice.


Take a wok and add a little oil. When it is hot add the red and green chillies and the urad dAl. Sauté well till urad dAl becomes golden. Put off fire and add these to the other ingredients. Grind all in to the consistency of tuvaiyal in a blender/mixi. This goes well with curd rice. If you like you can use it with cooked rice too and roasted appaLam or poricca kUTTu.

Grapes roughage Chutney



Recipes in alphabetical order (A to H)

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AlU (Potato) BONDA                                                                   

AlU Dum                                                                                             

AlU pOhA (Potato pressed rice)                                                               

Amai VaDai                                                                                     

ammAn/MaNi KozhukaTTai                                                

ammAn/MaNi KozhukaTTai (from leftovers)                  


angAya PoDi                                                                                  


arisi (Rice) PAyaSam                                                                                         

arisi (rice) uppumA                                                                   

aval (pressed rice) pAyaSam                                               


aval KESari




BadAm cake                                                                                     


BagALA Bath                                                                                    

Baingan BarIth                                                                               

Baingan BurtA                                                                              

Bajji (onion & chilli)                                                                                          

Banana (raw) Kofta and Manchurian                             

Banana stem PaccaDi                                                                                        

Bengal (ChanA) dAl                                                                   

BESan (aka Bombay Chutney)                                            

BESan lADu                                                                                       

Betel leaves thuvaiyal                                                                                   

BhOg and Pui SAg                                                                        

Bissi BELE HuLi anna                                                                                          

Bitter gourd (PAgaRkAy) vaRuval                                                               

Black eyed beans (KArAmaNi) sweet suNDal                                  

Bread and Buns I (Bread & Bun)                                                              

Bread and Buns II (Hot Cross Bun)                                   

Bread and Buns III (Doughnuts)                                                                 

Bread and Buns IV (PAv BhAji)                                             

Bread and Buns V (PAv BhAji varieties)                         

Bread and Buns VI (Butter cake)                                                                 

Bread Balls

Bread BONDA                                                                                 

Bread Sandwich                                                                          

Bread sandwich bajji                                                                                      

Brinjal pulp tuvaiyal                                                                                          

BUndi lADu                                                                                    



Canadian Buns

Capsicum (Bell pepper) rice                                                           

Carrot PaccaDi (RaitA)                                                                                                        

Cashewnut cake (KAjU katli)                                              

ChanA cum Mung dAl [KaDalaipparuppu PAsipparuppu] PAyaSam                          

ChanA masAlA                                                                              


Cherry fruit halwa                                                                    

Cherry fruit halwa                                                                    


Chilli Bread                                                                                    

Chou Chou skin tuvaiyal                                                         

Chutney PoDi                                                                               

Clustered beans PaccaDi                                                        

Coconut burfi                                                                                 

Coconut chutney                                                                         

Coconut KalAkand                                                                    

Coconut PaccaDi                                                                          

Coconut tuvaiyal                                                                          

Coriander chutney                                                                     

Coriander leaves tuvaiyal                                                      

Coriander rice                                                                                

Coriander seeds tuvaiyal                                                        

Coriander stems Powder                                                      

Cranberry tokku & Pickle

Cream Fingers

Cucumber PaccaDi                                                                     

Curry (KAra curry from different vegetables)             

Curry leaves powder                                                                                      

Curry leaves tuvaiyal                                                                                                          



dahI AlU

dahI AlU pApDi cAT

dAl PUri                                                                                                               


Diamond biscuits                                                                       

dIpAvaLi lEhyam                                                                                  

dIpAvaLi Mixture                                                                       



eLLu lADu                                                                                                                                      

eLLu Podi (Hot)                                                                                              


eLLuppoDi (Sweet)                                                                                      

elumichchai (lemon) sEvai                                                                     

elumichchai sAdam (Lemon Rice)                                            

ericca curry                                                                         


Fried (Roasted) Curry                                                                                                   

Fruit PaccaDi                                                                                 

Fenugreek MaSAlA KUTTu                                                                     




Ginger tuvaiyal                                                                                               

Gooseberry (nellikkAi) PaccaDi                                                                       

Gooseberry Hot & Sweet Pickle            

GoTTu rasam                                                                                   

Grapes Roughage tuvaiyal                                                                     

Green Peas (Mutter) rice                                                                  

GulAb JAmun/MalAi JAmun                                                



HalwA (Ashoka, carrot/gAjar, beetroot, pUshaNi, suraikkAi)

HalwA Contd. (BAdAm, Wheat/Tirunelveli)                                     

HalwA Contd.1 (SOhan)