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Recipes from leftovers X

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(Continued from previous posting)

We had been discussing several options to make use of leftovers so far and I hope some of you might have tried even though I do not get any feedback. In this concluding part of this series, I will discuss Chilli bread and VaDai Curry which are famous in Chennai especially and in many major cities of Tamil Nadu. For chilli bread, you need leftover bread slices or bread loaf and for vaDai curry we can make from leftover aDai, Amai vaDai and BONDA. Let us see, how we go about.

Chilli Bread

Take a few slices of the bread (preferably salty ones) and remove the sides and take only the soft portion. Break them into pieces and keep in a bowl. If you want, you can add the crusts also but ensure that you smash them well while mixing. Take green chillies, salt, asafoetida to required taste, a small tomato, a small onion, a small piece of ginger, two or three cloves of garlic, a pinch of turmeric powder and a few leaves of coriander and grind them into fine paste. If you like, you may add a little garam MaSAlA powder to the paste. Mix the broken bread pieces with this paste and smash well for homogeneity. If you need you may add red or any other food colour a pinch.

Similarly, if you want to enrich you may add boiled carrot, potato and capsicum.  You may use the paste directly or if you do not like its raw small you may use after sautéing with a little oil. In that case you need to mix the broken bread pieces with the sautéed paste and mash.

Chilli Bread 29 Dec 2013 Kdgr

Chilli Bread

Roll the mashed bread with the paste (raw or sautéed) into small dumplings and fry till the inside portion is also fried but ensure that you do not fry too much as to char and spoil. Alternatively, you may just smash the bread pieces only with a little water (1 tsp), roll into dumplings and smear the ground paste over it and fry. In this case you need not sauté the paste. If you need a bit sour taste more, add two or three crystals of citric acid or a few drops of white vinegar.

This is really a tasty item and goes well with sauces.

Remember not to fry under high flame but only under medium fire and also that you should not turn immediately unless the side is fried well.

VaDai curry

This can be prepared from the leftovers or afresh. 



If freshly preparing 

A) Bengal gram dAl (CanA)

    Red Chilli powder




    Refined rice bran oil


B)  Ginger


     Green Chillies

     Fennel seeds (Saunf)





C)  Onion


     Turmeric powder

     Red chilli powder

     Extracted coconut milk

 If using leftovers   

 Avoid (A) except salt and oil



 125 gms

½ tsp (or as per taste)

a pinch

to taste

a small one

Qty. required to fry


¼” pc

2 cloves

1 or 2  

½ tsp

½” pc

2 pcs

1 pod


1 medium sized

2 medium ones

2 pinches

½ tsp (or as per taste)

¾ cup




Soak the Bengal gram dAl for about 2 hours or till it becomes soft. Drain the water and keep aside. Ground all the ingredients shown under (B) into fine paste. Add ½ tsp of this paste tot the soaked dAl and grind coarsely without water along with all other ingredients under (A) except onion. Cut the onion into small dices and add to the ground dAl. Keep aside. Make small dumplings or flatten like vaDais and either you can fry these or steam under pressure as done in the case of Paruppu uSili (See earlier posting). Keep aside the VaDais or dumplings thus fried or steamed. (Personally I prefer fried ones)

VaDai curry

VaDai curry

Cut the onion shown under (C) into small dices. Heat oil in a kaDAi and add one or two bay leaves. Add the cut onions along with a little salt. Sauté for a few seconds till the onion becomes pinkish brown. Add the remaining ground paste prepared under (B) and sauté again. Add the tomatoes after cutting them into small pieces, turmeric powder and chilli powder as under (C). Add ½ a glass of water. Simmer the flame and cook well till the contents become a sort of thick gravy. Stir in between. Take ½ a cup of coconut milk and add ¼ cup of water. Mix well and add this to the boiling gravy. Mix well. When it starts boiling again, break the VaDai into two or three and add. If dumplings, you may add directly if small and break if bigger ones. After allowing boiling for 10 minutes to enable the VaDai pieces absorb the gravy (You may check by tasting a piece), add the remaining ¼ cup coconut milk and allow boiling for 5 minutes. Switch off the flame and garnish with coriander or mint leaves. Remember not to stir vigorously as to disintegrate the VaDai pieces.

This is a fine dish and goes well with dOSai, iDlis or CapAttis/ ParATTAs.

If you want to prepare the above with leftover aDais, Amai VaDais and BONDas, then you may avoid preparing the VaDais but use these in their place.


Recipes Available 6

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VaDAms (Fryums) & Vatrals

Bitter gourd (PAgaRkAy) vaRuval

VaDAms (Fryums) I [arisi (rice) vaDAm, Onion vaDAm]

VaDAms (Fryums) II [SagO (javvarisi) vaDAm, Semolina (SUji/ravA) vaDAm]

VaDAms (Fryums) III [taLi (aka ilai) vaDAm, Wheat (GOdumai) vaDAm, KUTTu vaDAm]

Varuvals (SEnai/Yam, VAzhaikkAi/Banana, MaravaLLi or Kappaikkizhangu/Tapioca, PalAccuLai/Jackfruit)  

Varuvals (uruLaikkizhangu/potato)

Vatral I (Kottavarai, avarai, nellikkAi, tAmaraittandu, vendaikkAi, pAgaRkAi)

Vatral II (suNDaikkAi, MaNittakkAli, MAngAi, KattarikkAi, MOre MiLagAi)

Vegetable curries

Fried (Roasted) Curry

iDiccu viTTa curry

iDiccu viTTa curry

KIrai SuNDal

Paruppu usili

Paruppu usili (from leftovers)

Paruppu usili from tEnkuzhal

PoTTal (Parval) curry

Raw Plantain curry

Recipes Available 5

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Tamil Festivals

Thamizh Festivals I – New Year (PUraN POLI, Rice PAyaSam)

Thamizh Festivals II & III – ADi 18 (Amai vaDai, SUji PAyaSam, CitrAnnum)

Thamizh Festivals IV, V & VI – Varalakshmi Vratham {Chana cum Mung dAl [KaDalaipparuppu PAsipparuppu] PAyaSam, neyyappam, ULundu (aka Medu or Plain VaDai), tEngAi PUrNam KozhukkaTTai (MOdakam), eLLukkozhukkaTTai, ULundu PUNam KozhukkaTTai, AmmAn/MaNi KozhukaTTai}

Thamizh Festivals VII – AvaNi aviTTam [PAl PAyaSam, aval (pressed rice) pAyaSam, SEmia (vermicilli) pAyaSam]

Thamizh Festivals VIII, IX & X – GokulAshTami [VellachchIDai, uppuchchIDai, Kai MuRukku, taTTai, Vella aval, tEnkuzhal, Suji (ravA/Semolina) ChIDai, Muttusaram (ManOharam or MuLLttEnkuzhal)]

Thamizh Festivals XI – VinAyka Caturti (Same as in Varalakshmi Vratham)

Thamizh Festivals XII, XIII & XIV – NavarAtri & SaraSwati PUjai [Black eyed beans (KArAmaNi) sweet suNDal, PAsipparuppu (green gram/Mung dAl) suNDal, Kabuli Chana (White chick peas) KoNDai kaDalai suNDal, eLLuppoDi, Rice vellapputtu, Suhiyan]

Thamizh Festivals XV to XXIII – DIpAvaLi {BUndi (GunjA) lADu, ravA (Semolina) lADu, Green gram dAl (Mung)/Payattam mA lADu, BESan lADu, PUri lADu, PoTTukkaDalai (Roasted split gram dAl) mA lADu, BadAm cake, Cashew nut cake (KAjU Katli), Coconut Burfi, MaidA cake,  Mysore PAk, Seven cups cake, BAdshAh, KaranjiA (SOmASi)/CandrakalA/SUryakalA, OkkaArai, GulAb JAmUn/MalAi JAmUn, Mixture (aka dashAvatAram), OmappoDi (aka SEv), KArAbUndi, KArASEv,  Spicy Biscuits [Diamond biscuits], MuLLu tEnkuzhal (Muttu Saram), Ribbon/OTTu PakkODA, dIwALi lEhyam}

Thamizh Festivals XXIV – KArttikai [KaDlaiapparuppu cum pAsipparuppu pAyasam, neyyappam, medu vaDai, veLLai appam, aDai, nelpori (Puffed rice) uruNDai, aval pori (Pressed rice) uruNDai]

Thamizh Festivals XXV – tiruvAdirai [KaLi, PuLikkUTTu (7 tAn)]

Thamizh Festivals XXVI (MahAshivarAtri) [KaDlaiapparuppu cum pAsipparuppu pAyasam, Sweet Potato dish in jaggery]

Thamizh Festivals XXVII (KAradaiyAn Nonbu) [VellakkozhukkaTTai, uppukkozhukkaTTai]


Tiffin Varieties & Starters

AlU (Potato) BONDA

Bajji (onion & chilli, mushroom)


Bread Sandwich

dAl PUri

KhamaN (DOkLA)


KhAStA KacOri

KhUzh dOSA


Medu (Soft) BONDA

Multigrains dOSA and iDli

Multiseeds grain vaDai and Rice

Mysore BONDA


PuDachi VaDi (Bakar VaDi)


SamOSA aka SingArA (Salty)

uLundu PUrNam KozhukkaTTai

VeLLai appam

Vendaya bajji

Amai VaDai

uLundu (aka Medu or Plain VaDai)

VaDais (MaSAl, Onion, MiLagu, KIrai, tayir VaDais)


Coconut sEvai (iDiyAppam)

elumichchai (lemon) sEvai

KESari (ravA, SEmiA & aval)

MiLagu (black pepper) sEvai

PuLi sEvai

tayir (curd) sEvai

uLundu (Black gram dAl) PUrNa sEvai

Vella (Jaggery) sEvai

Instant dOsA

Karaitta (instant) tOsai

MaSAl tOsai

Onion Uttappam

ravA (Semolina) tOsai

Set tOsai

Vella (jaggery) tOsai 


AlU pOhA (Potato pressed rice)


Vella aval       


arisi (rice) uppumA

PuLi uppumA

ravA (semolina) uppumA

SEmiA (Vermicelli) uppumA



ammAn/MaNi KozhukaTTai


iDli (Normal, mung dAl, rava varieties)

KAra PUri




Pongal (Sweet)

SAbudAnA (Sago/Javvarisi) kiccadi


Stuffed ParATTA


VeN Pongal 

Recipes Available 4

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Snacks & Savouries

Bread balls

Bread Sandwich

Chilli Bread

dahI AlU

dahI AlU pApDi cAT

Diamond biscuits

dIpAvaLi Mixture

Kai MuRukku



KOla VaDai

MuLLu tEnkuzhal/Muttusaram/ManOharam

MUSu uruNDai



RAdhA Vallabhi

Ribbon PakkODA

Suji (ravA/Semolina) CIDai





Black eyed beans (KArAmaNi) sweet suNDal

Kabuli ChanA (White chick peas) KoNDai kaDalai suNDal

PAsipparuppu (green gram/Mung dAl) suNDal





BadAm cake


BESan lADu

BUndi lADu

Cashewnut cake (KAjU katli)

Cherry fruit halwa


Coconut burfi

Coconut KalAkand

eLLu lADu

eLLuppoDi (Sweet), eLLukkozhukkaTTai

GulAb JAmun/MalAi JAmun

HalwA (Ashoka, carrot/gAjar, beetroot, pUshaNi, suraikkAi)

HalwA Contd. (BAdAm, Wheat/Tirunelveli)

HalwA Contd.1 (SOhan)




MaidA cake


Milk Bread Cake

Mysore Pak



Pal POLi

ParuppttEngAi varieties

Payattam (green gram dal) lADu


Pori uruNDai

PoTTukkaDalai mA lADu


PUri lADu

ravA (Semolina) lADu

Rice vellapputtu



Sevan cups cake

Sojji appam



Sweet KEsar PUri

Sweet Potato dish

Sweet SamOSA

tEngAi PUrNam KozhukkaTTai (MOdakam)



Recipes Available 3

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raSam varieties

GoTTu rasam

JIrA rasam

kaNDam tippili rasam

Lemon (elumichchai) rasam

MiLagu (black pepper) rasam

Mysore rasam

Paruppu cum tomato rasam

Pepper Garlic (MiLagu & PUNDu) rasam

PUNDu (garlic) rasam

VEppam pU (neem flower) rasam

Rice varieties

BagALA Bath


Bissi BELE HuLi anna

Capsicum (Bell pepper) rice

Coriander rice

elumichchai sAdam (Lemon Rice)

Green Peas (Mutter) rice

KIrai BAth (Greens rice)

Kundru (Ivygourd) rice

Ladies finger (Okra) rice

nIrAgAram (Pazhaiyadu/Kanji)

Onion (VengAyam) BAth

Potato (AlU) rice

PudinA (Mint leaves) rice



Raw Mango Rice (MAngAi sAdam)

Sesame Rice (eLLuppoDi sAdam)

tEngAi sAdam (Coconut Rice)

Tomato (takkALi) bAth

VAngi BAth (Brinjal or Egg Plant rice)/New Vangi Bath

Vegetable BiryAni

SAmbAr & Kuzhambu varieties


MiLagu Kuzhambu

MOre Kuzhambu (Paruppu uruNDai PUNDu, Omam)


SAmbAr (araittu viTTa/masAlA Onion SAmbAr)

SAmbAr with mung dAl

SAmbAr with tUr dAl

VaTral Kuzhambu (araittu viTTa varieties)

VaTral Kuzhambu (Normal)

Side dishes/PaccaDis/Masiyals

AlU Dum

Baingan BarIth

Banana (Raw) Kofta and Manchurian

Banana stem PaccaDi

Carrot PaccaDi (RaitA)

ChanA masAlA 

Clustered beans PaccaDi

Coconut PaccaDi

Cucumber PaccaDi

Fruit PaccaDi


Gooseberry (nellikkAi) PaccaDi

KaruNaikkizhangu masiyal

KIrai masiyal



Ladies finger PaccaDi

MAngAi (aRucuvai) PaccaDi

Onion PaccaDi (RaitA)

Potato PaccaDi

PuLi inji

Ribbed gourd (PIrkangkAi) masiyal

Snake gourd PaccaDi

Sweet tomato PaccaDi

Tomato gotsu 

VaDai curry

VaraN dAl

VengAya gotsu 

ViLAmpazham (Wood apple) PaccaDi

Recipes Available 2

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KUTTu varieties

Asparagus, Celery, Parsley


Fenugreek (Vendaya) MaSAlA kUTTu

London KUTTu




Poricca KUTTu (Normal & araittu viTTa varieties)

Pui SAg


puLikkUTTu (7tAn)



arisi (Rice)

Bengal(ChanA) dAl

dIpAvaLi lEhyam

ericca curry

Grandma herbal recipes

Kanji (Gruel)

Miscellaneous Specials I (Lassi)

Miscellaneous Specials II (Juices, Milkshake, Flavoured Milk)

Miscellaneous Specials III (BAdAm Milk, Mango PannA, PAnakam, nIr mOre)

Miscellaneous Specials IV (Fruits Salad, PancAmrutam, Ice Creams)

Miscellaneous Specials V (Mango & Rose Milk Ice Creams, Milk Cream)

Miscellaneous Specials VI (Jaggery & Golden Syrups, Chocolate, Vanilla & Orange Ice Creams)

Miscellaneous Specials VII (Banana, Bread Badam Malai and Jell’O Ice Creams)

Miscellaneous Specials VIII (FalUdA, KESar Kulfi)

Musambi Rice

On rice

On wheat, dAl, tamarind and cooking oil

Punar PAkam

Tips, tips, tips………..! (1)

Tips, tips, tips………..! (2)

Tips, tips, tips………..! (3) 

PAyaSam varieties

aval (pressed rice) pAyaSam

ChanA cum Mung dAl [KaDalaipparuppu PAsipparuppu] PAyaSam

PAl PAyaSam

SEmia (vermicilli) pAyaSam

SUji (Rava/Semolina) PAyaSam

Pickles (Indian)

Cranberry & Tomatillo tokkus, Cranberry pickle

Indian Pickles I (AvakkAi, PeasaRu MAngAi, MAngAo tokku, VaDu MAngAi)

Indian Pickles II (Lemon pickle varieties)

Indian Pickles III (nArtangAi, kaDArangAi, koLanjikkAi, orange skin)

Indian Pickles IV (Green chilli/MiLagAi Pickle/tokku)

Indian Pickles V (Green chilli/MiLagAi Pickle/PaccaDi)

Indian Pickles VI (MAgALi, VEppilaikkaTTi, Tomato tokku)

Indian Pickles VII (Vendayam Pickle, Kottamalli tokku, MAngAi inji Pickle, inji tokku)

Indian Pickles VIII (PUNDu pickle, PUNDu tokku)

Indian Pickles IX (nellikkAi/Gooseberry pickle)

Indian Pickles X (GOnkurA tokku, PAgaRkAi & Paccai miLagu Pickles)

Indian Pickles XI (KaLAkkAi Pickle)

Indian Pickles XII (Mixed Vegetables Pickle)

Gooseberry Hot and sweet Pickles

Plum tokkku

Tangy Garlic Pickle


PoDi varieties

angAya PoDi

Chutney PoDi

Coriander stems powder

Curry leaves PoDi

eLLu Podi (Hot)


Kari vEppilai (Curry leaves) PoDi

Orange skin PoDi

Paruppu PoDi

PUNDu (Garlic) PoDi

tOsai miLagAi PoDi

Recipes Available 1

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Bread & Bun

Bread and Buns I (Bread & Bun)

Bread and Buns II (Hot Cross Bun)

Bread and Buns III (Doughnuts)

Bread and Buns IV (PAv BhAji)

Bread and Buns V (PAv BhAji varieties)

Bread and Buns V (Butter cake, egg substitute))

Canadian Buns

Cream Fingers


Cakes and Puddings

Puddings and Cakes I (Caramel, Mixed Fruit Puddings)

Puddings and Cakes II (Coconut Milk, Ribbon Puddings)

Puddings and Cakes III (Banana & Chocolate Bread Puddings)

Puddings and Cakes IV (ShAhi & Fruit Puddings)

Puddings and Cakes V (Christmas Pudding)

Puddings and Cakes VI (Christmas Plum Cake and Butter Cake)

Puddings and Cakes VII (Chocolate and Ribbon Cakes)

Puddings and Cakes VIII (American Sponge and Cherry Cakes)

Puddings and Cakes IX (Vanilla cup and Tray Bake Cakes)

Rainbow Jello Mold 

Chutneys & tuvaiyals

Baingan BurtA

BESan (aka Bombay Chutney)

Betel leaves thuvaiyal

Brinjal pulp tuvaiyal

Chou Chou skin tuvaiyal

Coconut chutney

Coriander chutney

Grapes roughage tuvaiyal

Mango chutney

PudinA (Mint leaves) chutney

PudinA chutney

Tamarind chutney

VengAya (Onion) takkALi (Tomato) Chutney 


Coconut tuvaiyal

Coriander leaves tuvaiyal

Coriander seeds tuvaiyal

Curry (KAra curry from different vegetables)

Curry leaves tuvaiyal

Ginger tuvaiyal

KaruNaikkizhangu tuvaiyal

Onion tuvaiyal

Paruppu tuvaiyal

PudinA tuvaiyal

Ribbed gourd skin tuvaiyal

Tomato tuvaiyal

VAzhaippU (Banana Flower) tuvaiyal

Yam tuvaiyal

Jams, MorabbAs, Squashes & Sauces

Jams, Morabbas, Squashes and Sauces I (Introduction)

Jams, Morabbas, Squashes and Sauces II (Mango Jam)

Jams, Morabbas, Squashes and Sauces III (Guava & Tomato Jams)

Jams, Morabbas, Squashes and Sauces IV (On Pectin)

Jams, Morabbas, Squashes and Sauces V (Pineapple Jam)

Jams, Morabbas, Squashes and Sauces VI (Mixed fruits Jam)

Jams, Morabbas, Squashes and Sauces VII (Berry, Fig & Peach Jams)

Jams, Morabbas, Squashes and Sauces VIII (Morabba varieties)

Jams, Morabbas, Squashes and Sauces IX (Mango morabba)

Jams, Morabbas, Squashes and Sauces X (Jellies)

Jams, Morabbas, Squashes and Sauces XI (Marmalades & Squashes)

Jams, Morabbas, Squashes and Sauces XII (Mixed fruits squash & Syrups)

Jams, Morabbas, Squashes and Sauces XIII (Sauces)

Jams, Morabbas, Squashes and Sauces XIV (Sauces)

Jams, Morabbas, Squashes and Sauces XV (Ketchup)