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I think I have covered almost famous veg cuisine items so far. Now onward, I will be trying some items that I never tried and post my experience. This posting is the outcome of that.

dahI AlU pApDi ChAt


Potatoes (Medium)

Onion (Medium)

Cumin seeds

Coriander leaves


Curd (Less sour)

Fine SEv (OmappoDi)

PApDi (nimkin type)

Tamarind Chutney

Pudina or Coriander chutney






½ tsp

 2 tbs

to taste

1½ cups

½ cup


½ cup (optional)

½ cup (optional)

2 tsps

to taste

to fry


There are different ways this is made in different region but the one I liked is described here.

Wash the potatoes and boil after cutting each into halves or you can pressure cook. Peel and mash mildly so as not to make a paste but with bigger bits. Chop the green chillies and onion into small pieces.

Cut coriander leaves finely.

Heat oil in a wok (KaDAi) and add cumin seeds. Once these splutter, add mashed potatoes with salt. Mix well without breaking potato pieces and put off fire. Let it cool.

Take lime sized tamarind and soak in a cup of water. Extract the juice and pulp. Add a small ladle of jaggery to the extract. Add a pinch of  salt to taste. Mix well and boil to reduce it to half cup. Some add a little chilli and cumin powders after first adding these in hot oil and adding to the chutney later. This is tamarind chutney. Let it cool. (For green chutney take a little coriander or pudina leaves, add a small piece of ginger or two cloves of garlic, one or two green chillies and salt; grind into a fine paste and mix a little lime juice.)

The SEv (OmappoDi) is very fine as such it may be difficult to make it at home. You can therefore buy from the shop. Similarly, you can either make the pApDi (small salty cookies) at home or buy from the shop. If you want to make, see my posting on diamond biscuits but make them circular.

Now add the sugar with the curd and mix well. Take a plate and arrange the pApDis in a circular form. Spread the potatoes on these uniformly. If you want the sprouted green grams or chick peas, you can spread these now. Over this, sprinkle the SEv uniformly. Spread the onion pieces over this. Pour the curd over these uniformly. Sprinkle ChAt MaSAlA. Now pour a little tamarind chutney over these at the periphery. Garnish with finely cut coriander. Serve this with the remaining tamarind chutney separately.

dahI AlU pApDi chAt with chutneys

  1. Some people use tomatoes to garnish.
  2. Some use sprouted green gram (mung) or chick peas, boil with a little salt and use to garnish.
  3. South Indians use grated coconuts.
  4. Some serve pudina or coriander chutney.

I do not use any of the above.

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