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Recently I came across a recipe that was very similar to what I had already posted as Bread patties, Bread Bonda etc. under  However, it inspired me to make it as bajji and the result is this posting.

Bread Sandwich Bajji



Sandwich Bread Slices

Potato (Medium)

Onion (Medium)

Green Chilli

Garlic cloves (Small)


Urad dal (dehusked black gram)



Coriander leaves (finely cut)

Turmeric powder

Coriander powder

Am chur (Dried mango powder)

Garam Masala


Bengal gram flour (Chana dal)

Rice flour

Red chilli powder


Refined oil to fry







½ inch

½ tsp

¼ tsp

½ tsp

1 tbs

¼ tsp

½ tsp

½ tsp

¼ tsp

To taste

½ cup

1 tbs

½ tsp

¼ tsp

1 small ladle


Wash the potatoes and pressure cook them. Peel and mash. Take a wok, pour a little oil and heat. Add urad dal and mustard seeds. When the seeds splutter, add cut onions, green chillies, turmeric powder, finely cut garlic, ginger and coriander leaves, sugar, am chur and garam masala. Sauté for ten minutes or till the onion pieces become soft and pink. Add the mashed potato and salt and sauté for another ten minutes. Cool. Then divide the curry into four equal parts.  

Take the chana flour, rice flour and the red chilli powder, asafoetida and salt in a bowl and add tablespoonful oil and mix well. Add a little water to make a batter for bajji (Not too thick or too thin in consistency).

Bread Sandwich Bajji

Take a part of the curry and spread it over a slice of bread uniformly. Place another slice over this and gently press. Now dip the sandwich in the bajji batter and fry in oil. Turn the side when it is golden colour. After the other side also fired well into golden colour, remove and place over a strainer to drain excess oil or on a tissue paper. Some people use lemon juice in place of Am chur. After the sandwich cools down, cut it into two triangles as in the image. Serve with sauce, tamarind or pudina chutney.

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