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I am glad to note that there is someone to try what I am posting here. Yes, it is my eldest daughter-in-law, Anitha Varadamurthy (who also suggested starting this blog). She had made stuffed ladies fingers curry as suggested by me under Here is the image of it:

Stuffed Ladies Fingers

Banana stem (VAzhaittaNDu) PuLikkUTTu

In this posting I am to inform you that though we can make puLikkUTTu as described by me under with the vegetables indicated therein, I tried making puLikkUTTu using the Banana stem (VazhaittaNDu) neatly cut into dices but exactly following the same procedure in the above link. It had come well. You can also try. The image is:

Banana Stem PuLikkUTTu


I also tried to make use of excess ginger pieces as ‘injikkuzhambu’ in the same way like the garlic kuzhambu referred to under It also came well. The image is:


Mushroom Bajjis


Small mushrooms

Bengal gram flour

Rice flour

Red chilli powder


Green chilli

Pearl onion

Coriander leaves



Refined oil


100 gms

1 tbs

1 tsp

a small piece

2 medium


a few

a pinch

to taste

to fry

Mushroom Bajjis


First clean the mushrooms and cut them into small pieces. Cut onion, coriander leaves and green chillies finely. Cut ginger into small pieces. Mix the flours, asafoetida with salt well. Add a little hot oil with the flour mixture. Mix well. Now add all the above ingredients and adding a little water, mix them into solid dough. Make small dumplings and fry deep into golden colour. Strain oil. Serve hot with sauce.

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