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I am glad to note that my eldest daughter in law Anitha Varadamurthy had prepared in this season too Crane berry pickle in Avakkai style and sent me the following image which tickles my taste buds. Hope it does too to you all. See the link:

Crane berry pickle

In this posting, I am going to describe how to prepare puLippongal from broken rice (KuRuNai). For this we need broken raw rice since it should be mushy after done with. Another beauty of this item is the taste of asafoetida which should be a little bit more. Hence you need to use the solid one dissolved in a little water instead of powdered variety. If you do not get the solid one, then use a little more powdered asafoetida. Use only pure til oil and no other oil.



Broken raw rice

Red chillies

Dehusked black gram (urid dAl)

CanA dAl (Bengal gram)

Curry leaves

Mustard seeds


Turmeric powder



Til oil

250 gms

3 long ones

1 tsp

1 tsp


1 tsp

lemon size

½ tsp

½ tsp

to taste

2 Tbs

*Some people use SambAr powder but I do not use.



Wash the rice well with clean water and drain the water completely. Dissolve the tamarind in 600 grams of water (roughly three medium sized glasses) and take out the extract. Keep aside. Take a wok and add oil to it. Add mustard seeds, urid dAl, canA dAl, curry leaves and broken red chilli. Once the mustard seeds splutter, add the tamarind extract and the washed rice. Add turmeric powder and salt too. Let the contents boil well. Once they attain the consistency of stew, add the asafoetida, mix and remove them to transfer to another vessel. Now pressure cook this till they become fully cooked, with three whistles.  You can serve the pongal after flipping the contents well. It goes well with fried fryums and chips.

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