Miscellaneous Recipes IV

Recently I saw a posting in face book about the traditional garlic pickle near Coimbatore side. As it lacked certain ingredients to make it tastier, I had improvised to taste well.

 Tangy Garlic pickle 


Garlic cloves

Tamarind (Seedless)

Pure til oil

Red chilli powder

Turmeric powder

Mustard seeds   

Asafoetida powder

Roasted Fenugreek powder

Curry leaves     

Fine sugar



250 gms

50 gms (Ping pong Ball size)

75 ml

3 tbs

½ tsp

1 tsp

¼ tsp

½ tsp


1 tsp

to taste (3 to 4 tsp)


Note: Do not use any other oil but pure til oil. If you need it hotter, you can increase chilli powder. Never use tamarind paste but raw tamarind.


Tangy Garlic Pickle

Take a kaDAi (wok) and place 2 tablespoonful til oil and add the garlic cloves to it. Sauté well till the cloves become golden. Put off fire and cool them. Divide them into halves and grind one half portion into nice paste. Keep aside.

Place the tamarind in a micro-oven bowl and add a ¼ glass of water to it. Heat for 30 seconds. Then blend into thick (not too thin or too thick) liquid adding ¾ glass of water. Keep aside.

Place the kaDAi on the oven and pour the remaining til oil into it. Add mustard seeds. When they splutter add the powdered asafoetida and curry leaves. Sauté well.  Pour the tamarind extract into this now. Sauté till the oil comes out from the side.

Add the Garlic cloves and the garlic paste together with sugar, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and salt then and let the ingredients boil together under moderate heat for 15 minutes or till they thicken well. Add the roasted fenugreek powder. If you feel that the final product tastes tangier, you may add a little more salt. Put off the fire, cool and then keep it in an airtight jar. If you refrigerate, you can use it safely for a week or 10 days. Never use your hand or wet spoon or ladle to take the pickle out of the jar.

This is a very tasty pickle and can be used with cooked rice and roasted pApaD/chips. It goes very well with curd rice/cApAtti/dOSA.

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