Recipes from leftovers VII

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I would like to share my recent experience on the subject of discussion. The other day we prepared PuLikkUTTu from plantain flower and due to its astringent taste, none liked much and I had a lot of leftover KUTTu. I did not want to throw it out in these days of economic hardship. I converted the entire KUTTu into BiSSi bELE huLi anna by adding only split gram dAl (pressure cooked) and cooked rice without any other ingredients as there was already more sour taste added to remove the astringent taste and salt. In addition, I added the usual spices for BiSSi bELE huLi anna. No one knew it was the reincarnation of the leftover banana flower PuLikkUTTu and within seconds the entire anna was consumed. Why I am telling this is, just to stress the point that you should never get perplexed but should be able to manage the situation.

In continuation on the subject, let us see some more leftover recipes today. Often we find children do not take the bread slices with jam, jelly or sauces only but want something different from the routine. If we have a plenty of leftover loaves or slices of bread, some we may dry in the sun and turn into bread crumbs for usage in other recipes where we need. We may turn the bread slices into bread bONDA if we have leftover curries too. The leftover curries can also be converted to stuffed parATTA.  Here you need to add some spicy extra stuff to the curry and make it s sort of paste (homogeneous mixture) so that you can stuff easily. We have already discussed these and please refer to those links related to bread bONDA and stuffed parATTA. The left over curries with addition of extra spices, chilli powder or chillies, onion pieces, tomato pieces, coriander leaves can be used along with left over bread slices to make sandwiches. You also cut the square slice into two triangles, fill the curry in between them and then fry the pieces after smearing with a thick gram dAl paste (mixed with a little salt and chilli powder – ensure that salt is not in excess as there is salt in the curry) and frying like patties. Here you can make it more spicy by smearing the inside portion with mint (pudinA) or red chilli chutney.

We can also prepare milk bread cake from leftover bread loaf as explained under  /miscellaneous-sweets-vii/ Instead of loaf pieces mentioned here you can fry slices of bread after removing brown corners and then dip them in single thread sugar syrup just for a second and remove. Place these on a plate and pour over it the thick milk rabdi mixed with sugar, essence or cardamom powder or saffron strands.

The leftover slices can also be mixed with bESan or gram dAl flour, a little corn flour, green chilli pieces or red chilli powder, salt and onion pieces and converted into small pakOras or bajji.

I also make bread uppumA with either slices or loaves but here you need to sprinkle water to drench instead of boiling as in SUji uppumA since the bread is very soft and will get dissolved in water and become paste. Here cut the slices or loaf or make them into small bits of irregular shape and then keep aside. Cut some green chillies and onion into small pieces. Heat oil in a kaDAi and add a little urad dAl. When it turns golden brown add mustard seeds and after it starts spluttering add cut green chillies and onion pieces along with a pinch of turmeric powder and salt as per taste. You can also use red chilli powder instead of green chillies. Similarly, if you want you can fry a few curry leaves along with green chillies and onion. Sauté well and then add the bread pieces and just sprinkle a very little water all over. You may also add a very little sour curd or tomato juice for sour taste. Sauté well without allowing the bread pieces turning into paste.

In place of bread pieces, you can use leftover capAtti/parATTA pieces into MaSAlA Mix. In this case, these are cut into small strips or dices and then fried in oil mixed with ghI or without it. Then cut one or two tomatoes, 2 or 3 green chillies, one or two cloves of garlic, one medium sized onion into pieces and grind into paste adding a piece of cinnamon and ¼ tsp aniseed (saunf). Sauté these well in oil adding 2 pinches of turmeric powder and salt to taste and a little sugar till the oil leaves the side.   Add a glass of water to make the gravy boil and cook. When the raw smell goes and it thickens add the fried capAtti or parATTA pieces and mix. Stir for two minutes and then remove from the fire. Garnish with coriander leaves.

There is another way to use the leftover capAtti or parATTA.  Cut them into 2½” long and bit wide strips and fry in a little oil mixed with ghI. Then boil milk with cardamom powder and kESar colour. When it is thick add a little sugar and then pour over these fried strips. Allow the strips to absorb the milk. Then you can serve them. This is called PAl POLi (Milk POLi)


                 Bread crumbs                               Left over curry

01  Bread BONDA 04 Stuffed ParATTA

                 Bread BONDA                             Stuffed ParATTA


               Bread sandwiches                         Bread Patties

07 Milk Cake 08 Bread PakOrA

            Milk Cake from bread                      Bread PakOrAs

09 Bread Bajji 10 Bread uppumA & CapAtti uppumA

                   Bread Bajji                       Bread and CapAtti uppumAs

11 CapAtti in gravy 12 CapAtti Strips & PAl (Milk) POLi

              CapAtti in gravy                  CapAtti Strips & PAl (Milk) POLi           


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