Recipes from leftovers VI

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In this session, we will see how we can convert leftover raSam and vaRRal kuzhambu into SAmbAr, MiLagu raSam into MiLagu Kuzhambu, Poricca KUTTu into PuLikkUTTu and coconut chutney into MOre Kuzhambu or MOrE KUTTu or Poricca KUTTu.

1. raSam or VaRRal Kuzhambu into SAmbAr:

The leftover raSam may be less sour or sourer and with or without dAl. Hence, when we convert it into SAmbAr, we need to add tamarind extract either more or less or with lesser consistency or more consistency. If there is more dAl reduce the quantity of dAl or vice versa. You need to prepare the SAmbAr either in a normal way as described under our earlier discussion vide link or as araittu viTTa variety as mentioned under the link

keeping the left over raSam as base and adjusting the ingredients mentioned there.


         Leftover normal dAl raSam              Leftover vaRRal Kuzhambu

3 Normal SAmbAr 3a araittu viTTa SAmbAr

               Normal SAmbAr                            araittu viTTa SAmbAr

In the same way, keep the leftover vaRRal kuzhambu as the base and either add extra tamarind extract if it is less in quantity or less sour but more quantity. In case it is sourer and the quantity is normal, then you may dilute to reduce sour taste that may adjust after boiling and adding the ingredients. Prepare SAmbar as above adding dAl as per taste.

2. MiLagu raSam into MiLagu Kuzhambu 

The leftover MiLagu raSam has pepper which is also needed for MiLagu Kuzhambu. Hence you need to adjust this ingredient when you convert according to your taste as it will make the Kuzhambu too hot. The process is the same as mentioned under the link

and you need to proceed keeping the left over raSam as the base. Here too the sourness is to be checked to adjust the tamarind extract.

4 Leftover MiLagu raSam 5 MiLagu Kuzhambu

          Leftover MiLagu raSam                         MiLagu Kuzhambu

3. Poricca KUTTu into PuLikkUTTu:

Here the process is exactly same as mentioned in our previous session vide link keeping the Poricca KUTTu as base and proceeding further.

6 Leftover Beetroot Poricca KUTTu 7 Beetroot PuLikkUTTu

  Leftover Beetroot Poricca KUTTu            Beetroot PuLikkUTTu

4. Coconut chutney into MOre Kuzhambu, MOre KUTTu or Poricca KUTTu

If you observe the discussion on coconut chutney as under the link you will notice that there is no cumin seed in it whereas this is one of the ingredients in MOrE Kuzhambu, MOre KUTTu and Poricca KUTTu. As usual, I am not going to explain the full procedure but leave it to you to try as per earlier discussions using the chutney as the paste added to MOrE Kuzhambu, MOre KUTTu and in addition to the spices  for the Poricca KUTTu, the quantity of which need to be adjusted as per the taste and quantity of Poricca KUTTu leftover. In the case of all these, you need to adjust the ingredients as per taste after taking into consideration the salt, chillies in the chutney. For MOre Kuzhambu refer to, for MOre KUTTu and for Poricca KUTTu


       Leftover coconut chutney                      MOre Kuzhambu


                MOre KUTTu                                   Poricca KUTTu

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