Recipes from leftovers II

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 Paruppu USili


 Amai VaDai (left over)

aDai batter (Left over)

Green chillies



Turmeric powder

Rice bran oil 

 q.s. (at least 4 or 5)

q.s. (at least 5 to 6 ladles)

to taste

to taste

a pinch

2 pinches

1 tbs


From leftover Amai VaDai

We have prepared the VaDais after frying them as such they would be hard. You need to break them first into bits and then grind in a mixie evenly. Place this in a small vessel and sprinkle warm water a little, mix well and allow to remain for 15 minutes so that the ground contents become pliable. In the mean time take a little oil in a KaDAi and sauté mustard seeds and then add the vegetables cut already. (Refer to my posting at Add the turmeric powder and sauté a little. Add the soaked ground vaDai (and salt if needed) as well as asafoetida and sauté well. Remove from fire after done with. If you want a little more chillies, then you need to grind one or two along with the VaDai bits.          

 From leftover aDai batter

Never throw the leftover aDai batter. You can prepare Paruppu USili from it also. Here you need to pressure cook the batter as done in the case of normal Paruppu Usili. When it is cooled, grind in a mixie evenly. The rest of the procedure will be as at


 Paruppu uSili from Amai vaDai       Paruppu uSili from uLundu PUraNam


1. You can also use the leftover uLundu KozhukkaTTai PUrNam (Refer to in the same manner either for this or for ammAn / MaNi KozhukaTTai (Refer to

2. The above also can be used for ammAn/MaNi KozhukaTTai.

 (To continue)

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