Bread and Buns I

We need bread for toasts, sandwiches, crumbs, snacks, cake preparation, puddings etc. and also take them along with butter, milk, tea, coffee or other beverages and jams.

Buns are used generally for PAv BhAji, Cream Buns, to take with tea or other beverages, to make burgers and other sandwiches.

In this posting we will discuss a few varieties.

 Indian Bread

You can make full bread or after making cut it into slices through a sharp knife or electric slicer/bread saw neatly. It can be salty or sweet one.



All purpose flour


Caster sugar


Active dry yeast

Soft butter (at room temp)



250 gms

¼ cup


½ tsp

½ tsp

2 tbs


Warm the milk and add the dry yeast (available in good food store) to it. Stir well. Now add sugar, butter and salt to this and stir well again. Mix the flour after removing lumps through sieving, if any. If need be add some warm water and knead well. The dough should be stiff. If need be you can add more flour and knead to get stiffness, a little quantity at a time. Allow it to remain for an hour and knead again to make it soft and smooth so that it does not stick to the fingers when touched. This shows that it had absorbed the water fully. Now grease a bowl with a little butter and place the dough over it by gently pressing. Turn it upside down so that the top buttered portion is visible. Cover it with a clean dry cloth and place in a warm area to allow it to rise. After an hour or two, punch it down and knead well. Pre heat the oven to 360˚F (180˚C). Take a loaf pan of 9″x5″ or as per the desired size and grease it with butter. Place the dough to fill half portion of the pan and press to allow it to have the shape of the pan. Cover it by a dry clean cloth and allow it to rise double for about ½ an hour to 1 hour. Put it in an oven and bake under 360˚F (180˚C) for 45 minutes or till it becomes golden brown. Take it out and turn out and allow to cool. You can bake more than one pan at a time and also cut the bread in to the size you want.

 Fresh Bread Sliced Bread

                       Fresh Bread                                         Sliced Bread

For salty bread increase the salt and reduce the sugar. For spicy bread mix the spice pastes with the dough before kneading. The paste may be made from coriander leaves, garlic, green chilli, mint leaves, ginger etc.

In case you do not find any warm place for the dough to rise, you can put it for 45 minutes in an oven preheated to 125˚F but switched off after 10 minutes.

 Canadian Bun

This can be made in the desired shape according to the moulds we use. It may be like a big banana or a circular one.  



All purpose flour (MaidA)

Egg (Optional) (at room temp)

Soft Butter (at room temp)

Active dry yeast

Caster Sugar





250 gms


150 gms

¾ tsp

3 tsps

½ tsp

Qty reqd.


Take 50 gms of pre-sieved flour and dissolve it in warm water along with the yeast and stir well. Set to rise over night. Next morning, add the egg if using. You need not add egg if you do not like. Add the salt, 1 tsp sugar and beat well. Add the remaining flour after sieving to remove lumps, if any, and knead well adding a little water if needed. The dough should be stiff. After kneading for 15 minutes, keep in a warm place to enable it to rise again and doubling. Now knead with 75 gms of butter well. If the butter is frozen let it come to room temperature in advance. The egg also, if used, should be brought to room temperature. Allow to rise for about an hour or two till it becomes soft and light. Pre heat the oven to 360˚F (180˚C). Now divide into equal portions as per the size of the bun required. You can either shape the buns like bananas or boat or hemispherical or square. Arrange the buns on a tray closely and set to rise for another hour. Bake at 350 to 425˚F (around 180 to 218˚C) for 20 minutes in a oven till the buns turn into brown colour.

 Fresh Buns Banana shaped bun

                       Fresh Buns                                      Banana shaped bun

Either you can brush them when they are still got with sugar dissolved in milk to give glaze or you can apply thin sugar syrup. Some people add shredded coconut with sugar and salt before kneading. You can take out the buns without the coating of sugar syrup and allow them to cool. You can cut them into halves and use them for burger or by spreading icing with a knife inside one of the cut portions and press the other portion over it to prepare cream buns.

We have already seen that icing can be prepared in various colours and flavours using different varieties of colours and essences. To prepare icing, you also need butter, icing sugar and white of the egg (which is optional). Mix 2 tsp of sugar, 75 gms butter and a little essence and colour and beat well to make a homogeneous mixture.

KhArA (Hot Spicy) Bun

You can add a little green chilli paste/black pepper cum cumin powders or garam MaSAlA to the dough to make it spicy and khArA (hot). In this type of buns, you can avoid icing but add coriander cum chilli paste or mint leaves (pudinA) paste, Ginger cum Garlic cum Chilli or similar such tasty spicy pastes.

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