Puddings and Cakes II

(Contd. from previous posting)

 Coconut Milk Pudding



Coconut milk



Cashew nut

Cinnamon powder



2 cups




a pinch

a pinch




                Coconut Milk                              Coconut Milk Pudding

Wash the eggs and break. Keep the white and yolk in separate dishes. Beat the white portion of the egg till it froths. Simultaneously beat the yolk to homogeneous consistency. Now powder the jaggery and mix well little by little with the coconut milk stirring simultaneously without any lump. (Please see the method of extracting coconut milk in the previous posting on PAyaSam and here you should take only the first and second extraction, extracting the second time with less water). Mix both the portions of the egg and beat well again. Mix this with coconut milk cum jaggery slowly stirring constantly. Add the cinnamon powder and salt to this. Spread ghI fried cashew nut pieces over this. Grease the side of the mould with ghI. Close the mould tightly and place it in the pressure cooker so that water level is up to half of the outer portion of the mould. Steam cook and remove after half an hour and check by passing a needle through the pudding. If the pudding does not stick to it then it is okay. If not, again steam cook for another 5 to 10 minutes. Refrigerate for an hour or two before serving.

 Ribbon Pudding



Fresh cream milk

Fine sugar

Custard powder

Fresh apple



Straw berry jelly crystals

Pineapple slices


Red cherries

Fresh milk cream



500 ml

100 gms

2 tbs




1 pkt

½ cup



1 cup


  Ribbon Pudding

Remove lumps from custard powder and mix sugar with this well. Boil milk and keep aside. Pour the milk slowly in the custard powder sugar mix and stir well to remove limps. Boil this again till the contents thicken. Refrigerate. Prepare jelly from jelly crystals as mentioned on the packet and refrigerate. Cut the fruits after washing, peeling into small pieces. Wherever necessary deseed. Now pour the chilled custard milk to make a layer in a glass vessel. Over this spread a little of the fruits artistically colour wise. Cut the jelly and place a few pieces over this layer. This way use the custard, fruit pieces and jelly pieces to make at least another two to three layers. The whip the cream and pour over this. Finally pour the remaining custard milk and over that garnish with cherry pieces. Refrigerate for an hour or two.

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