Miscellaneous Specials VIII

(Contd. from previous posting)

FalUdA and KESar Kulfi



Rose syrup/RUh AfzA

Takmaria/SabjA/FalUdA/Basil seeds

Fresh creamy milk

Chopped almonds and piStA nuts


Corn flour vermicelli

Vanilla ice cream/KESar Kulfi


3 tbs

100 gms

500 ml

2 tbs

150 gms


150 gms



First prepare the rose syrup or RUh AfzA as discussed in our previous posting or else you can buy from the shop if readily available. Similarly you can buy or prepare vanilla ice cream. Soak the basil seeds (aka by other names as mentioned above) in water for an hour. Let us see how corn flour vermicelli or falUdA noodles are prepared. Dissolve 100 gms of corn flour in 100 ml water without any lumps. Add to this 500 ml water again and heat under simmered flame. Stir constantly for 15 minutes till the mixture turns thinner and becomes translucent. Put off heat and keep ready ice cold water in a basin. Over it hold a big holed strainer and pour into it this corn flour liquid. Just press the liquid by the bottom of a flat ladle. Alternately you can thicken the corn flour and use a savoury press to make needles to fall into the cold water. You can also fry the vermicelli in a little ghI and boil it in water and then strain under cold water to get separate noodles.  Some people use “Chaumin”, the Chinese noodles. Now take glasses required and pour the rose syrup/ RUh AfzA into them, place falUdA noodles and soaked seeds equally. Whip the milk and pour equally over them. Top each glass with vanilla ice cream or kESar kulfi and garnish with the chopped nut pieces fried in ghI.


          SabjA or Basil Seeds                           FalUdA Noodles


If you do not get KESar Kulfi readily, you can prepare it as follows:



Fresh creamy milk

Castor sugar

Powdered cardamom

Corn flour

Saffron strands



1 litre

100 gms

¼ tsp

1 tbs

A few 


KESar Kulfi


First soak the saffron strands in a little warm milk as usual and keep aside. Remove lumps if any from corn flour, add the sugar and dissolve this in a little water. Heat the milk and when it starts boiling, simmer the flame and remove. Pour the milk gradually over the corn flour solution and stir simultaneously. Heat this over the simmered flame to reduce it to half the quantity and stir constantly. Thereafter put off the fire and cool. After it cools down, add the powdered cardamom and the soaked saffron strands with the milk. Mix thoroughly. Whip gently and either pour on a tray or into kulfi moulds. Freeze overnight or till the kulfi sets well.


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