Thamizh Festivals XXVI (MahAshivarAtri)

MahAshivarAtri is at the door. On this day, abhishekam, chanting of Rudram and Chamakam along with other shlokas and pujas are arranged in all temples of Lord Shiva. At the home we prepare KaDalaipparuppu cum PAsipparuppu (Bengal and Green gram dAls) PAyaSam which had been already discussed. The viewers may click the relevant link from the subject index on the right side We offer this to Lord Shiva along with a dish of sweet potato made with jaggery and ghI as neivedyam. Some also fast on this day.

No. of Persons: 3 Preparation time: 30 minutes Shelf life: 1 day

Sweet Potato dish in jaggery


Sweet Potato    

Jaggery (Gur)


Cardamom powder

250 gms

100 gms

1 tbsp

¼ tsp



Wash and clean the potatoes well and then cut them into 1 to 1½“long. Pour water into a thick bottom vessel, add the cut potatoes and then boil. Remove them from fire, strain the water. After it cools down, peel the skin. Add jaggery to ¼ cup of water and make syrup. Add to this syrup the boiled potatoes and ghI. Keep stirring till the ghI and jaggery cover the potatoes and become one mass as well. Add cardamom powder. Some people just boil and peel the skin and offer directly as neivedyam.


     Sweet Potato (Pink & White)                      Sweet Potato dish

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