VaDAms (Fryums) II

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 SagO (javvarisi) vaDAm

 Preparation time: 30 minutes   Shelf life: 1 year



Sago (SAbudAnA)

Lemon (Medium)

Green chillies




1 kg


8 to 10

½ tsp

to taste



When you buy sago ensure that you buy the medium grains without any chemical smell. This vaDAm can be prepared either grinding the sago into fine powder or directly, in which case the grains will appear on the dried vaDAm. 

If you use the grains directly, then wash quickly. Remember if you keep in water for a long time the sago may dissolveas such do not keep water for more than a second when you wash. Then soak it in water so that it is submerged under water fully for 4 hours. Take a thick bottomed vessel or the pressure cooker and pour 6 cups of water in it. Boil it and when boiling add the soaked sago and mix well. Constantly stir till the dissolved sago appears like gum and glossy. Remove from fire. Allow it to cool for 10 to 15 minutes only since the sago may solidify faster. Now add pre-ground green chilli paste with salt and asafoetida and mix well. Also add lemon juice extracted over salt without seeds and mix well. Spread a plastic sheet over a board or plank and on it with the help of a ladle just pour a ladle of the prepared sago and you need not press it since it will spread itself. Always leave a little gap between the pouring so that the poured and spreading sago does not stick together with other raw VaDAms. Dry well for one day under the hot sun and on the next day morning remove the vaDAm from the plastic sheet and spread them to allow the reverse side to dry again in the hot sun. Dry again on the third day and check if it dried well when it should break easily and puff up if fried.

If you use the sago flour, then first dissolve it in water and grind in a mixie to have a homogenous batter without any lumps. The rest of the procedure is same where instead of the grained sago you are mixing to the hot water the sago batter.

If you want to make it tasty, then you can add cumin seeds and make. You can also add crushed black pepper and make. You can add garlic paste and make. You can add Bishop weeds and make. But ensure that these are made faster by keeping ready the ingredients to mix with the hot sago and poured to make vaDAms since sago syrup solidifies faster.


          Raw javvarisi vaDAm                      Fried Javvarisi vaDAm

Semolina (SUji/ravA) vaDAm

In place of sago, you can make vaDAm using semolina. Here you take for a cup of semolina 6 to 8 cups of water. First boil the water and add the semolina without lumps and keep stirring till it becomes a sort of tOSai batter but of thinner consistency. Add the other ingredients and after it cools, use the ladle and just spread for each VaDAm one ladle semolina syrup. Rest of the procedure is same. Never cool it fully as it will solidify faster and you may not be able to spread with the ladle. Here also do not spread by using pressure as in tOSai as the batter itself will spread if warm.


                   Pipe VaDAms                                Fried Gold fingers      

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