Miscellaneous Sweets VII

(Contd. from previous session)

Sojji appam

No. of persons: 3 Preparation time: 30 minutes Shelf life: 1 week



Semolina (ravA)


Wheat flour (ATTA)


Cardamom powder


Refined oil



1 cup

1¼ cup

½ cup

½ cup

½ tsp

2 tbs

Qty required to fry



For this you need semolina of big grains. Roast the semolina with a little ghI till it becomes golden brown leaving a nice aroma. Here the filling, called sojji (a crude form of SUji), is prepared in the same way as you prepare semolina kESari but here you need to reduce water to 1½ cups so that the filling does not become paste but a solid mass. Boil water and add the roasted semolina little by little and mix well to avoid lumps. When it becomes thick mass add jaggery to it. When the jaggery dissolves well after stirring and mixing well remove from fire and allow to cool.

Mix both the flours after sieving and add 2 tbs oil and a pinch of salt. If you want you can add a pinch of yellow colour (KESar powder). Some people use maida only instead of a mixture of wheat flour and maida. But this may give a rubbery texture to the appam and also may pose problem in flattening. Knead well into soft dough with water. Keep aside in a vessel covered for 30 minutes. Take a little of it, roll into a ball and make pUri. Add the cardamom powder to the sojji, the filling, and mix well. Place a small amount of sojji in the middle, close and again roll into a pUri. Fry it in oil mixed with ghI as done in the case of adiraSam. Here also you have to fry one by one onlybut need not press it like adiraSam. Instead just keep over the strainer for the excess oil to drip.

If you want to flatten it over your palm like adiraSam, then instead of adding oil to the flours just add water, a pinch of salt and colour only and knead well. The dou7gh should be looser than the one prepared for rolling with a rolling pin as above. Place it in a vessel and take 2 tbs of oil and smear well over its surface. Cover and let it remain for 30 minutes. Then open the lid and knead well to make small balls, flatten to circular shape over a plantain leaf or plastic sheet smeared with oil. This way prepare each raw appam and fry it in oil cum ghI mixture as done in the case of adiraSam.

Some people use sugar instead of jaggery and also a little grated coconut to enhance the taste.


                        Sojji                                         Sojji appam

Milk Bread Cake

No. of persons: 3 Preparation time: 20 minutes Shelf life: 1 day

This is one of the simplest but tastier preparations, which children like very much. For this you must use unsliced sweet milk bread only. Cut into desired shape. Over a griddle or skillet place a little oil mixed with ghI and slightly heat. Roast the bread cakes one or two at a time and ensure that they are slightly harder and well fried on all sides. In this way, all the bread cakes must be fried and placed over a plate. Heat milk in a vessel and reduce it to considerable thickness. Add sugar not all at a time but in three instalments in intervals of 5 minutes. You must stir in between since sugar settling in one place in hot milk will curdle it. After it cools down add a little cardamom powder or essence and mix well. Colour is optional. Now pour this milk gently over the fried cakes uniformly and ensure all sides are smeared with this milk. Let the cakes absorb the milk. This may be for about 15 minutes. Serve.


Milk Bread Cake


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