Miscellaneous Sweets I

We had seen a lot of sweet varieties during the festival seasons and learnt their preparations. In this episode we are going to deal with those items that are not covered elsewhere. Let us begin with the all time favourite KESari.

We prepare this from Samolina (SUji/ravA), Vermicelli (SEmia) or pressed rice (aval) using either Sugar or jaggery (GUr). Some people use milk too. We will see below the preparation of ravA KESari and then its variations with other ingredients.


To serve: 3 Preparation time: 30 minutes   Shelf life: 2 days if refrigerated



Samolina (ravA/SUji)



Cashewnut (Full)

Raisins/Kismis (optional)



Milk (optional)



1 cup

1 cup

3 tbs

5 or 6 pcs

10 to 12

A few strands

½ tsp

½ cup


Take a kaDAi and place in it 1 tbs ghI. Over it put the Samolina after cleaning it and sauté till it becomes golden yellow in colour with a nice aroma. Remove from fire. Now break the cashewnut into halves and fry in a little ghI and keep aside. Place some water (say 2 cups) and let it boil. In case you want to add milk, then you should reduce the water to 1 ½ cups. When boiling, add the roasted Samolina little by little uniformly so that lumps are not formed. This should be continued till it becomes thick. Simmer the flame and cover the cooked Samolina by a plate for 5 minutes. Remove the plate and sugar to the cooked Samolina. Add also a pinch of yellow colour if you prefer. Keep the flame high and stir well till the Samolina cum sugar becomes thick again since after adding sugar it gets diluted.  Add the remaining ghI,   fried cashewnut, cardamom powder and saffron.  Mix well. Some people fry the raisins/kismis also along with cashewnut and use it for additional taste. Remove from fire and spread over a plate. When it becomes loose, serve. This can go well along with Bajji, PakkODa or BONDA. If it is sticky due to the type of Samolina, you can add more ghI or oil mixed with ghI. If the Samolina is fine with small grains, then reduce water to 1 ½ cups without milk and 1 cup with milk. However for big grained Samolina, you can follow the above procedure without any change.


ravA KESari


01. Some people use wheat SUji where the method is same.

02. Some cut the KESari into diamond shape after compression and some use two or three layers using different colour one above the other and cut into the shape they want before serving. In such a case, they garnish the top with fried cashewnut, saffron and raisins. By doing this, the taste is not going to change but you need more time for this. For doing this you need to reduce water by ½ cup which will make the consistency thicker, less soft and more grainy.

 Vermicelli (SEmiA) KESari

The method is same as above but you can reduce the sugar little bit, say around 3/4th cup. Here you have to remember that the KESari should not become thick as Samolina but it should be removed from fire after it becomes semi solid like more or less iDli batter. Then only it will remain soft and will not become hard. Never buy the Vermicelli used for PAyaSam which is very thin, already roasted and broken into small pieces. For this KESari, you should buy the longer and thicker variety only for better results.


SEmiA KESari

Pressed rice (aval) KESari

For this type only we use either sugar or jaggery. The ingredients are same except sugar which is ¾ cup and if you use jaggery, you must take ½ cup scrapped jaggery. Further, if you use jaggery instead of sugar, then you must use grated coconut (¼ cup) also. The pressed rice should be thick and not the silky/thinner one. 

If sugar is used

Clean the pressed rice and roast in a little ghI. Then soak it in a cup of water after mixing ¼ cup of milk to the water. Let it soak for 15 minutes or till it swells fully after absorbing water and milk. Now take water in a KaDai and add sugar to it. Let it boil and come up to 1 string consistency. Add the soaked swollen pressed rice to this and stir till it loses the water and becomes thick. Add the fried cashewnut, cardamom powder, saffron, yellow colour powder etc just before removing from fire. Put off flame and remove. Let it cool before served.

Sugar aval kESari

If jaggery is used

Here instead of sugar we use jaggery and also the pressed rice is not roasted since we use grated coconut. The rest of the procedure is same as mentioned for sugar.


vella aval KESari


Some people grind the pressed rice in a mixi just for a fraction of a second like big grained Samolina and then prepare the KESari.

(To be continued)

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