Miscellaneous Snacks X

(Continued from Miscellaneous Snacks IX)

After a hectic festive season, we have now some respite to revert to our series on Miscellaneous Snacks & Starters. We had already discussed the Amai VaDai and Plain (Medu or ULundu VaDai).

Today we are going to discuss briefly their different avatars here that you can try for snacks/starters.

Onion MasAl VaDai


Onion MaSAl VaDai

Please refer to “Amai VaDai” discussed under Thamizh Festivals II where we have referred to this. Some people omit garam maSAlA powder and some add. Anyway, for a MasAl VaDai we do not add garam MaSAlA powder and it is optional. It does not require any side dish but you can use sAmbAr, coconut chutney, tomato sauce or Ketchup.

Onion VaDai


                  Onion VaDai                                   Coconut chutney

This is nothing but ULundu VaDai (aka Medu/Plain VaDai) discussed under Thamizh Festivals V. Here we omit ginger, asafoetida and curry leaves from the ingredients mentioned there but include coriander leaves and onion pieces.

After grinding the Black gram dAl batter without adding green chilly but only salt, just mix the chopped coriander leaves, nicely cut onion and green chilli pieces to the batter well by handPrepare the VaDai then. Side dish will be sAmbAr and coconut chutney.

MiLagu (Black Pepper)VaDai


MiLagu VaDai

This is also the avatar of Plain VaDai. In the ingredients we remove the ginger and green chilli but include crushed black pepper (1 tsp). Remember not to powder the pepper but just crush since if you add pepper powder it will give a bitter taste. The crushed pepper should not be ground with batter but should be just mixed by hand well in the batter. The VaDai is then prepared in puffed form as we do in the case of normal plain VaDai.

MiLagu VaDai (Thin)

If you want to prepare the flat thin MiLagu VaDai seen in the temple as prasAdam (communion), then you must prepare it differently as follows. Here take a cup of black gram dAl and soak it in water after cleaning just for half an hour. The batter should not be loose as for plain vaDai but should be thick with very very little water. Grind the  soaked dAl with salt into the thick batter. Remove and mix to it ¼ cup rice flour, 1 tbs ghI and 1 tsp crushed black pepper well by hand. The vaDai should be very flat and thin when pressed on a cloth or polythene sheet before frying. The batter is pressed after smearing the fingers with oil.  Fry crisp. In case the batter is slightly loose add a little more rice flour with a little extra ghI. But it is better to restrict quantity of water in the grinding stage as already said.

KIrai (Common greens) VaDai


KIrai VaDai

This is also plain VaDai sans Curry leaves and ginger. Instead you add chopped spinach or muLaik kIrai (common greens). Normally, we prepare this with muLaik kIrai.  The greens are chopped nicely, washed and drained. They are spread over a tissue paper or cloth so that the excess water is absorbed. Then this is mixed by hand to the batter well before pressing the VaDai to fry. Side dish is sAmbAr and coconut chutney.

tayir VaDai (dahi VaDA)


tayir VaDai

This is also the manifest of plain vaDai. Here the medu (plain or ULundu) vaDai is put in hot water kept in a vessel for just 2 or 3 minutes, The water is drained and each vADai is pressed by a plain ladle over a strainer to remove the oil and excess water.  Good thick non-sour curd (Yogurt) is taken in another vessel. To this we add coarsely ground coconut plus green chilli plus salt mixture. Then  we add sautéed mustard. In this curd the water soaked vaDai is placed for 1 to 2 hours to soak and absorb the curd. It will swell to some extent. Then it is placed on a plate and garnished with grated carrot (optional), chopped coriander leaves and thin sEv (OmappoDi) (optional).  Some people sprinkle either black pepper cum cumin seeds powder or a little chat maSAlA powder. 


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