Baingan BurtA

 To serve: 3 Preparation time: 30 minutes   Shelf life: 1 day  


Brinjal with less seeds   

Green chilly (medium)

Coriander leaves(chopped)

Garlic pearls (Small)      

Turmeric powder   

Mustard seeds   

Onion (Large)                 

Tomato (Big)

Refined Oil                    


1 very big or 3 medium sized

5 or 6

2 tbs

5 to 6

½ tsp

½  tsp



4 to 5 tbs

to taste


Wash and clean the brinjal. On its surface all over smear a little oil. Now heat it over flame in such a way that it is cooked all over. When a portion is burnt and black then turn it till all over it becomes black. Test it with a small spoon by pressing gently when the spoon must go well inside, if cooked well. The inside portion must be felt soft. Keep it in cold water to cool. Then peel the burnout skin off and feel for any harder stem or fibre portion. Remove the hard substance so that you have only the soft pulp. Keep aside.

Cut the tomatoes, green chillies, onion and garlic into small pieces. Take some oil in a kaDAi and when it is hot add mustard seeds to splutter. After the spluttering is over add the cut vegetables and sauté well for 5 to 10 minutes. Add the cooked brinjal pulp now with salt and turmeric powder. Mix well till the oil leaves the side and the whole thing is mixed well into one thick mass. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves. Baingan BurtA is ready for serving.


If you want it hotter, you can add some red chilly powder in addition.

It goes well with normal cooked rice with fried appaLam or as a side dish with parAtA or chapatti.

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  1. Welcome back amma !! This is one of my fav… & only one way that I can make varadu eat brinjal …. :D, will try to make this over the weekend & will let you know.

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