VeN Pongal

It goes without saying that both Sarkarai Pongal and VeN Pongal are inseparable and are complementary. In this posting VeN Pongal takes its rightful place!

This is also made for Pongal Pandikai along with Sarkarai Pongal.  

To serve: 3      Preparation time: 30 minutes        Shelf life: 2 days if refrigerated


Rice (arisi) (Raw or par boiled)

Green gram (Payaththamparuppu) 

Clarified butter (nei)

Cashew nut (Mundiri paruppu)

Black Pepper (MiLagu)

Cumin Seed (JIragam)

Ginger (inji)

Salt (uppu)

* Curry leaves (karivEppilai)

*Green chillies (pachchai miLagAi)

*Asafoetida (perungAyam)


1 cup (250 gms. or ½ pound)

 ¼ cup

½ cup

a little

1 tsp

½ tsp

½ inch cut into small pieces  

to taste

a little (optional)

a few (optional)

a pinch or two (optional)


Take a KadAi (wok, iluppaichchatti/vANali) and roast the mung dAl till it becomes golden colour and releases nice smell. Wash rice and the roasted mung dAl, cook them together with 4 cups of water in a vessel in the pressure cooker. For new raw rice the water should be 3 cups. After the cooker lets out 3 to 4 whistles, switch off the flame. Wait for a few minutes till the pressure comes down in the cooker. Remove the contents and mash them well with a ladle as to allow the ingredients mix well instead of remaining distinctly separate.

Powder the black pepper and cumin seeds coarsely together. Heat the clarified butter moderately in a kadAi and after it is warm, fry the cashew nut to golden colour and then sauté the pepper, cumin powder with ginger pieces. Immediately add cooked rice dAl mixture to it with the salt and mix well without any lumps. Switch off the stove and remove the kadAi. Your veN Pongal is ready now.

Note: (1) Those who prefer to add curry leaves, green chillies and asafoetida must add these along with the other items at the time of sautéing them, omitting cumin seeds. Remember not to powder the black pepper here but add it as it is by just frying in the ghI.

(2) VeN Pongal goes well with PaRangikkAi (Pumpkin) SAmbAr or Vatral Kuzhambu. In Kerala they take this with coconut chutney. I will post the recipes for these later.

Here is the glossary for the special words used in this posting: 

Thamizh  English  Hindi  Malayalam 
PAsipparuppu Green gram Mung dAl Cheru payaru
nei Clarified butter GhI nei
Mundhiri paruppu Cashew nut KAju Parangi andi
MiLagu Black pepper corns Kali mirch KuRu miLagu
Pachchai milagAi Green chilli Hara mirchi Pachcha miLagA
JIragam Cumin seeds JIrA JirAkam
KaruvEppilai Curry leaves KaripaththA Curry vEppila
inji Ginger adhrak inji
PerungAyam Asafoetida Hing KAyam
uppu Salt namak uppu
Telugu  Kannadam 
Pesarapappu Hesuru bELE
nei ThuppA
JIdi pappu Geeru BheejA/ Godambi
MiriyAlu Kari menasu
Pachcha mirapakAyalu Hasru menasainakAyI
JIlakarA JiragE
KariapAku Kari bEvu/KariEvina soppu
allam Shunti
HinguAlu Hingu
uppu uppu

Today’s special Tip

Always roast or fry masAlA items/spices in low flame to retain the colour and taste of the ingredients.

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